Topbox mobile bar design

Topbox bar

Food & Beverage

Terrace bars, sales units, coffee shops, bakeries, burger, sushi, pizza, and more.

Indoor and outdoor

The Topbox bar can be opened and closed securely in a minute. It's an efficient and completely independent unit that looks like your brand. You can get a water point and all the accessories you need, anywhere you need.
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Topbox konttia parempi

Public spaces

Shopping malls, airports, railway stations, events, fairs, shop-in-shops.

Easy to open and close

Transferable, burglar proof and branded sales unit or an extension to your excisting business. Plug it in and start growing your business.
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Architects and designers

Indoors or outdoors, a ready to use mobile bar or terrace kitchen.

Easy concept

We plan, implement and deliver mobile kitchens according to customer needs. Electricity, water systems and electric roof mechanism ready. Lots of appliances to choose from.
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Easy to buy - Brand and sales booster

A comprehensive turnkey concept from design to delivery, maintenance and storage.

  • Buy as your own and resell at a good resale value if your needs change.
    • Or monthly rent with a leasing contract.
  • Includes a ready-to-use Topbox unit designed according to your wishes with a 12-month warranty.
  • We handle the installation and training.
  • At the end of a possible sales season, we take care of storage and logistics costs in accordance with the maintenance contract.

Quality and safety, long lifespan and good resale value.


The functionality of the units has been tested in Finland in extreme conditions, to make sure the workstation is safe in heat, storms and freezing temperatures. Topboxes comply witht EU-directives, and they are CE- marked and TÜV–mark pending.


Topbox mobile bar -usage

About us

Topbox is a leading manufacturer of mobile sales units, terrace bars and terrace kitchens serving its´customers worldwide.

Our products are high-quality Finnish innovations for indoor sales and outdoor sales.

By or rent, our service contract includes transportation, support, and annual maintenance, as well as storage during possible off-season.

You can concentrate on growing your business.