Indoor Unit

Topbox – start selling without an initial investment

Topbox takes your products to customers. The state-of-art,
burglar-proof sales units are a way to take your brand, sales and customer service to a new level.

Topbox allows you to react quickly to changing environments. If customer flows move, your service can easily follow – overnight, if necessary.

Topbox outdoor units allow you to serve your customers efficiently in any location. A terrace bar, burger joint, sushi kitchen – whatever you want to sell, Topbox will suit your needs.

Topbox indoor units are perfect for setting up a shop in the best places in shopping centres. You can also try out different locations and move quickly to a new site if necessary. You don´t have to start a new restaurant, just open your Topbox!

Topbox service agreement: don’t tie up your capital

The Topbox service agreement covers a turnkey sales unit customised to meet your requirements – indoors or outdoors. You can expand your business easily and without risk. You won’t tie up capital to the walls but you can start selling your products straight away without any start-up costs.

One clearly-worded agreement gives you a 12-month warranty on the unit, installation and user training, service and maintenance.


Quality, security and scalability

All products are manufactured and tested according to Topbox’s strict quality criteria. Our advanced component production guarantees a high level of finish and uniform quality, so that scaling it to serial production of hundreds of units does not lower the quality.

The units have been tested in extreme conditions in Finland, so you can be sure that they are always safe. Topbox units meet the requirements of EU Directives (incl. machinery directives) and have the CE marking. Our product development is guided by health and safety and ergonomics requirements as well as official regulations.