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Topbox OUTDOOR units – go where your customers are

A Topbox OUTDOOR unit can increase your sales by more than 30%. Topbox outdoor points of sale are quick to open and close, weatherproof and burglar proof and can be placed where the customer flow is.

Topbox units are always customised to meet your requirements, so you can sell any kind of products or services. Streamlined sales operations also enhance your customers’ experience of your brand.

A Topbox OUTDOOR sales unit makes it easy for you to react to changing environments. If customer flows move, your sales unit can follow quickly and easily.

A high-quality and efficient Topbox unit will save you effort and expensive working hours, raising your profitability to a new level. The design of all our products is guided by ergonomics, health and safety and staff satisfaction.


A bespoke unit under one agreaament and with no initial investments

You can brand your Topbox unit to make an even stronger impression on consumers. We work with a number of partners who can customise your unit, sometimes even for free if you undertake to sell the partner’s products from the unit. Even when closed, your Topbox unit serves as an ad for your business and products.

Topbox units are always managed under one service agreement. The lease agreement covers a turnkey unit customised according to your requirements, a 36-month warranty, installation and user training, service and maintenance, access to 24-hour customer service as well as warehousing and logistics costs.


Topbox OUTDOOR– quality and safety

Topbox units are equipped with the latest technology in the industry: a roof lifting mechanism, remote locking system, digital screens and hygiene level monitoring. We’ll work with you to customise these and anything else that you wish to include in your unit.


Separate and secure power and water systems are examples of features that are easy to include in a Topbox unit. All required machines and equipment are covered by the agreement, and they are always selected to meet strict quality criteria. All Topbox products are burglar proof and have the CE marking.